Get started contributing

Detailed docs on contributing to Julia packages can be found here.

Code and docs

To start hacking code or writing docs, simply:

  1. julia> using Pkg; Pkg.develop("Memento")
  2. Make your changes.
  3. Test your changes with julia --compiled-modules=no -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.test("Memento"; coverage=true)'
  4. Check that your changes haven't reduced the test coverage. From the root Memento package folder run julia -e 'using Coverage; Coverage.get_summary(process_folder())'.
  5. Make a pull request to Memento and share your changes with the rest of the community.

Bugs, features, and requests

Feel free to file issues when you encounter bugs, think of interesting features you'd like to see, or when there are important changes not yet included in a release and you'd like us to tag a new version.

Submitting your contributions

By contributing code to Memento, you are agreeing to release your work under the MIT License.

We love contributions in the form of pull requests! Assuming you've been working in a repo checked out as above, this should be easy to do. For a detailed walkthrough, check here, otherwise:

  1. Navigate to Memento.jl and create a fork.
  2. git remote add origin
  3. git push origin master
  4. Submit your changes as a pull request!

For pull requests to be accepted we require that the changes:

  1. Pass on travis and appveyor
  2. Maintain 100% test coverage